Saturday, 11 October 2008

Whilst I've had the chance to ignore this page for numerous weeks (although one could argue chance has had little or nothing to do with a refrain), time and its availability have been subject to intensified management, leaving either huge gaps within my schedule, or obvious claustrophobia. In these spaces however, there have been some interesting developments. Blue Hat Thinking has come under fire more recently regarding the mix, due to its "odd, un-refined, narrow" finish. Although arrogantly enough, I've had the chance to whimper “An uncut diamond is still a diamond!" which in all honesty, is far too bold considering the mix isn't a work of art. A new track (Kikakata!) is of completion, which will be featured on Shredguy Records, Volume 2 compilation album, known as "Shredding Around The World Volume 2". You can listen to the track via myspace, or here, using the widget.

Five reasons why Q4 this year has been subject to an adrenaline increase:
• Bands' final master looms large.
• Opeth - 18th Nov - Vicar Street, Dublin.
• Murcof - 22nd Nov - SARC, Belfast.
• Cynic - Traced in Air.
• GoW2.

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