Monday, 30 March 2009

It is extremely difficult to critique Man Infest Destiny, without mentioning their present engineer Jack Endino. This was the first note taken upon listening to the record. You can view this as a possible cheap disclaimer, but this most definitely was the case. There are ilk’s of his work almost referenced everywhere within the record, which has been an obvious design choice made by Slave Traitor (who by the sounds of things, aren’t bad producers either).

A meaty hard-rock production, Man Infest Destiny presents a tried and tested formula that does appear to still work within the current climate. Although a condescending remark and slight gripe at forerunners in the industry, Slave Traitor have been able to capture everything stylistically correct, with a huge tick on-top of what is, a littered box.

Yes, it is easy to suggest that Man Infest Destiny is just an honest reiteration of the past, with at times a lack of depth that is disappointing throughout the entire record. However, the aforementioned concerns should be dispelled, albeit rapidly, as the groups song writing is comprehensive and laden with honest and rustic deliveries. Periodic progressions throughout the record are absolutely mesmerising that provoke contemplation as to why Slave Traitor are not pioneering such a congested genre.

Saturated in Jack Endino’s grace, “Man Infest Destiny” is a production that feels very much stuck between its grunge and metallic precursors of the late nineties. This will synthesise with many as an appreciated choice, that certainly works, however an assumption of detracting ambition can be readily concluded, with periods in various tracks feeling unintentionally lazy, and diluted.

There is an infinite amount of excellent riff progressions, enough twists on song structure, and enough barefaced twiddling of the knobs by Endino to make “Man Infest Destiny” a worthwhile package. This is certainly not his best work, nor Slave Traitors; however “Man Infest Destiny” is on par with other competitors, and their previous works, that will add to an already impressive discography for both parties. “Man Infest Destiny” is a decent hard-rock production, but little else.


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