Saturday, 25 July 2009

Apart from the blindingly appalling title, As You Drown are very focused about their business on "Reflection". Sharing common ground with pioneers Decapitated and even more so Oceano, has sensibly made AYD make key decisions based on their influences formulas and not there own. There are no melodramatics to be thrown around, spontaneously cried with, and be tucked away into the deeper hierarchies of ones brain. Instead, an emphasis is placed on (overwhelming at times) sheer down-tuned brutality, and demonic chord progressions. No complaints.

The music itself is comprised of 'chunkier'-than not guitar riffing, that floats in and out of majestic chord movements, with a blasting or death metal applied drum style in its undercurrent. AYD’s major fault is their own approach being too similar to acts previously mentioned, and the other ten thousand that follow.

“Reflection” presents a group with solid intentions, firm foundations, and excellent song writing. However, the prompted question “Is the modern death metal reiteration on the verge of becoming stale?” rings much louder in the aforementioned chaos.

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