Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sometimes album reviewing is very tricky business and more to the point it’s difficult to not make The Black Flux article into a full blown press release. It really is that good. And whilst perfection is an unattainable score, Virus without a doubt, have
never been closer to it.

Beautifully discordant, dark, sombre, and majestic often at the same time encapsulates The Black Flux. The music itself is challenging because of the intense atmosphere made by the above. You’ll not hear blistering technicalities on the instruments (nor do you need to) but the steep learning curve many will have to undertake to fully understand the project is a tall order. Placing The Black Flux into the progressive metal category may spark debate, but it’s definitely an accuracy whilst being loose (more so heavy metal, experimental and progressive metal in one pot). One of the bigger aspects present on the record is the vocal echoing Ian Curtis from Joy Division. It is certainly controversial when thrown in, and will conflict with most listeners assumptions on harmony (not to be mistaken as a discordant vocal, it’s just another surprise when layered on top of the other elements in the music). Saying that, it’s certainly suitable, that adds to their sound richly and beautifully; it’s near enough a defining touch. Finally, Virus aren’t scared to draw out a guitar riff or two, and this is a huge characteristic amongst the tracks.

A twisted and haunting masterpiece that should change many perspectives in the genre. Virus have not just made a progressive leap with The Black Flux, but metal itself.


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