Sunday, 7 February 2010

Another expansive journey into progressive territory. That’s the simplest way to coin Shifting, ‘progressive’. By its very nature, Shifting is an intricate experience, filled with melancholies, metal sections, ambient soundscapes; subtleties often deaf to the ear of the metallic listener. Providing a reference to lean upon usually helps, but this description certainly won’t. The only real similarities are Tool, Ephel Duath, Isis, and Mogwai. So, whilst diffusing the material mentally may be a challenge, sonically it’s nothing short of superb. The song writing is coherent, solid, and has much fluidity moving in and out of its rich progressions. There’s an unreserved creativity within Shifting, as At The Soundawn incorporate percussive and electronic elements to the production, heightening the experience, which would be woefully diluted otherwise.

In an ocean of ‘obvious’, ‘nearly’ and ‘no cigars’ At The Soundawn appear to find land on Shifting, with their brain of post-rock and progressive metal. Not nearly a perfected album, Shifting does have its faults (melodrama plagues parts of the experience, overly long winded writing style in periods) but none often memorable. On the contrary, each track present is memorable and distinct, to where it is going, and where it wants to take you. Every ingredient heard has had the breadth and scope of experienced and talented artists. Shifting is At The Soundawn’s defining record, so far in their otherwise short-spanning career.


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