Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Looking for unorthodox rhythms, as well as complex song structures? Deep lyrical undertones, saturated in a near scientific production? Why not have it all? Fully realised “Apple For Teacher” should be all of these things, but in reality it’s neither. A folk-indie-rock experiment, it toes the line on something as soft and airy as Wye Oak, to the rigor of National Sunday Law – certainly, it’s an album spanning every genre you can say in thirty seconds. This then tells you it’s the kind of album that’s very easy to chortle at and discard pretentious, without giving a thought to its great intentions. Menendez are trying to make something zealously expressive and honest inside of an experimental production. Certainly no easy feat, but one which isn’t done very well.

It’ll test your patience, be demanding and pretend a little far too much, “Apple For Teacher” may prove unrewarding for many, but it’s difficult not to feel enchanted by its artistic nuances, even when the whole thing has been put together in a clumsy, sheepish way.

6/10 Powerplay issue #135

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