Friday, 9 December 2011

Though their music may say otherwise, The Birthday Massacre aren’t coy by any stretch of the imagination. While it’s easy to rule out what the band create as balderdash, as a collective they are smart enough to recognise a demand, which justifies their own means when it comes to an output – a very cynical one indeed (you can’t honestly believe that they enjoy making this guff). Imaginary Monsters is the follow up EP to Pins and Needles, flaunting a handful of new tunes as well as a couple of remixes for fans to sink their teeth into.

Like most follow ups, the material on here is reactionary; a collection of demos that would otherwise be kept under wraps, should the previous album perform poorly in the market. Surprisingly, some of the material here merits a great deal more patience than that of Pins and Needles, with the remixes giving a different flavour by way of moodiness and rhythmical power, which was never unearthed in the textures of the heavy synth’d originals.

Yet, it all washes off quite easily. With Pins and Needles being the EPs source of life, this is a band now standing still, squeezing every penny out of a contemptuous following who rule their parent’s moneybags. Imaginary Monsters is a release made for a fan base, endorsed in the colour of cynicism. Worse, it’s played by a bunch of musicians, who appear to only speak one language, through their chosen instrument.

4/10 Powerplay issue #138

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