Monday, 30 January 2012

The Quill ought to be in the company of the next Mission Impossible soundtrack; it’s the kind of rock that’s best implored when wearing a set of sunglasses and that old leather jacket which now doesn’t fit. Emblazoned in the rosy nostalgia of Black Sabbath and Metallica, romping full of harmonies, adrenaline packed riffing and structured song writing, this is an album this critic was certainly caught up in.

“Medicine” is reminiscent of Metallica’s “I Dissapear”, while track “Full Circle” feels like something ripped from the Wylde archives of BLS, hurtling toward the southern devastation of Damageplan.

Superlatives are great at demonstrating the niche which The Quill operate in, but it would be plain naïve not to recognise the kind of capital which the record represents: it’s artistically appalling because of a lack of invention and refreshed ideas. It’s simply happy to host a party, essentially made by much more accomplished acts, and put it on as their own. Don’t be fooled, this is music for being lulled in the kind of suppressed job that is telesales. Good fun - not much else.

7/10 Powerplay #139

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