Thursday, 25 June 2009

With a focus being very much instrumental along with guitars and drums at the fore of the experience, you might be forgiven to judge this book by its cover. However, National Sunday Law are remarkably fresh in their approach and song writing. Completing there entries in a progressive and doom fashion, they also create atmospherics that are rich and help add a real sense of depth to the production. NSL are also a 2-piece.

The song writing itself is broadly influenced with many other genres and stylistic approaches added into the equation. It’s repeatedly refreshing to hear production techniques tarnished by the mainstream, rejuvenated in such vibrant, energetic and uncharacterised ways. Think a meandering soft guitar riff, then clapping, and therein begins another section. NSL feature a memorable recording as the production quality is fine; the music itself feels spontaneous, live and within the moment. The vocal doesn’t enter the crosshairs as a centrepiece, but is used as an atmospheric tool. Disappointments may lay with the testosterone fuelled “To Hell With You,” but all is easily forgiven, as the track counter changes. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Donley and Tambascio.


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