Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Heavily focused on the influences of Mike Oldfield, Shackleton’s Voyage is a record echoing the theme of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s journey to the Antarctic. Treated to an arsenal of instrumentation with narration thrown in for good measure, lend a hand at creating a powerful atmosphere to encapsulate the Voyage. Whilst being rooted to a more prog rock template, Eureka do mix symphonic, synthesised, and Celtic themes into the affair, that help give their concept an interpretation so clear it can be visualised. This is were the concept becomes alive, as picturing such events before your eyes are at the very least moving and pay tribute to the quality of the atmospherics present.

However, on closer inspection, the albums compositions would be dead without the concept. The tracks themselves are very lean without their storyline and to truly absorb the albums fruitful atmosphere, a brush up of knowledge on the expedition wouldn’t go a miss. That’s not to say Shackleton’s Voyage isn’t accessible through casual listen (in fact it’s quite the opposite) but understanding the concept will guarantee an increased hit whilst listening. The records pacing is dynamically excellent, as the album drives and cascades through rocky progressions, and atmospheric hazes. If all else fails, Eureka may raise awareness of the historic event amongst the unfamiliar.


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