Saturday, 30 May 2009

Frequency is gripping, tasteful and all the more memorable. Consistency is easily found on each number, with enough proggy up and downs that keep things moving.

There is no ethic to push the genre forward with radical forward-thinking on the album, but the twists and intricate musicianship displayed best on tracks “Frequency”, and “Life Support”, certainly add depth to the record. Rooted to a more dated, classic prog-rock approach, without attempting to break any ground raise an awareness of detracting ambition. IQ have played it very safe on Frequency, and even though each track has its marvelling moments, other passages are all too stale, with the cobwebs of archaic song writing being very present. Nicholls vocal work on Frequency is particularly impressive, adding an important dynamic to IQ’s music, that command and tether progressions together effortlessly.

Frequency is certainly not a just release geared toward the fan, as from the get-go, headbangers that make an acquaintance, will note a package evocative, solid and worthwhile.


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