Thursday, 14 May 2009

If there’s one chip lying on the shoulders of emo rock/metal, it’s that the vocal and lyrical melodramatics often lack a dignity found in anything beyond the genre. Hand To Hand’s latest, “Design The End/Follow The Horizon” is a traditional emo-metal entry, that’s unfortunately not as deep or cryptic as the title states (unless you’re undergoing the similar harmonic stress as a pregnant woman). Nonetheless, some of the antics are plausible, if only for a brief moment, as they do showcase an ambition for a more mature approach to the genre, whilst not breaking any new ground.

The album consists of 10 tracks that are written in typical fashion. Production values are retained to a high commercial standard, which ultimately helps tether their song writing superior, compared to what’s available. You’ll also find the usual melodic vocal and guitar to be at the heart of the experience. This too, is were most of their problems are felt. With no sense of atmosphere to lend a hand, the aforementioned vocal and guitar need to capture the subjective themes expressed. Unfortunately with such immature lyrical values, and obvious clumsy guitar riffing, “Hand To Hand” fail to seduce. Furthermore, the albums commercial aesthetics help it become so repetitive, that there is no value in repeat play. A worthwhile miss, unless you’re a no-sensibilities fan.


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