Saturday, 16 May 2009

A New Constellation,” is a mish mash of many themes. The belching vocal, padded synth and progressive guitar are just at the heart of the experience. At times, there is a fusion psychedelics that formulate into a metal entry. Other times, Nahema will catch you off guard with a saxophone line breaking into a rock chorus. The genius of “A New Constellation,” is how such elements appear to blend with ease and elegance. The problems? The record has potential to be masterful, but it just isn’t.

With such depth musically, it’s easy to point out highlights on each track as so much riffing is present. “A New Constellation,” tends to stay very safe progressively, as it showcases a very conventional watered-down approach to prog song writing. And whilst this does point to a detracting ambition, Nahema’s more ‘simplified with different instrumentation’ philosophy appears very solid and albeit, very fresh. There are very memorable moments on the record and equally, there many worth forgetting. “A New Constellation,” is a much more than average release that will raise a few eyebrows, only to be brushed aside by others.

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