Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The press release may read math-rock, but there’s much more of a soul, a heart to Talon’s than the description of purposeful time signatures, resulting in the splitting of an Atom. This isn’t so dull.

There’s vast energy, complexity, intelligence, and straight-up riffing on Hollow Realm that makes this much more of a muscular affair than something a scholar would sweat over. The seismic production helps sweeping you off your feet every time the sextet decide to go a bit haywire in there controlled chaotic aphorisms. The complementary violins don’t half help too, in not just adding another layer, but a cohesion that would otherwise be missing outside of the strings distinguished maze. Preconceptions away, (and disregarding the acts repetitive repetitiveness) this lot stimulate the sense like a Scott O’Dell novel, and not some equation you were asked to solve at 16.

8/10 Powerplay issue #128

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