Saturday, 26 February 2011

Yep, we decided to hold back on the original release date of the new album. Amongst other things it simply never felt finished. Since then, I’ve used the time to go back, iron a few kinks out, and make additions to the record. It’s turned out to be something much different in comparison to Blue Hat. I would say far and away calmer, progressive and spacious – but I’d hate to be screening everything on top of PR jargon. I really wanted to delve into making something lovely before heading back into heavy technical material. Anyway, we’re almost there.

The project has been renamed, and it’s getting a facelift art wise too. It’s called “Find”, which with smooth planning should be out early to mid Spring – Summer. I’ve been working with designer Maarten Kleyne very closely, and we’re planning on documenting the creative process that we’ve been through online. I’ll also be moving from MySpace & Blogger to my own website – more on this as we plough on.

As for live shows, I haven’t decided. “Find” features quite a few friends and musicians that I’ve grown with over the years, but I haven’t assembled them as a band. Technically it’ll be a tricky gig to pull off live too. We’re not sure yet.

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