Thursday, 21 April 2011

Torchbearer is a super-group of sorts. They’re handpicked from The Few Against Many, Solution .45, and Unmoored; somewhat an elite group based on technical merit, more so than success, but that’s by the by. “Death Meditations” is really on the cusp of perfecting a brand of Scandinavian prog, part-speed metal, that’s meant to be every bit invigorating as it is accessible. Indeed, it is.

Notably, this is a concept album, based on the thoughts and ideas on what it is to be a samurai. Apprehension should fill the lungs, but it’s the very philosophy Torchbearer are only interested in, not the waving and clashing of swords. In any case, it’s difficult to notice through the belching, and chugging guitars – and it’s always refreshing to listen to artists bang on about something other than themselves, or political agendas.

Intricate, ambitious and impenetrably rocking, this is the sound of a band stretching themselves in every way imaginable. A fearfully beautiful release, chock-full of ideas and styles, making it accessible across the board.

9/10 PowerPlay Magazine issue #131

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