Thursday, 21 April 2011

“Communication Lost” is sharply defined. It’s meant to appeal directly to your emotions with a moody, atmospheric subtext, and lyrics, written as mementos drawn from the quartets own personal experience, through the four years it’s taken to put the record together. It’s a refreshing outlook. It has no pretentious overhanging backdrop, no huge ‘based-on’ concept. Wolverine are backing an audience to read between their lines, and think with them into a world of cathartic language. Simply put, if one can relate, one can become enveloped.

With all of the subtlety touted to be in “Communication Lost”, Wolverine are tame throughout its playback, perhaps relying on atmosphere and quirks to do most of the dirty work. All of the tracks – while sounding different - have the inner workings of a classic rock ballad, cantering through restrained verses, and elevated choruses, all of course extended on a progressive template. The ballad structure may tag along with their moody vibe, carrying effect - but a variation in style would add much more flavour; it’s a bizarre oversight by the experienced Swedes, not to recognise such an obvious red herring. Indeed, every track is put together in a microscopically similar way. Sombre and bridled piano playing often starts, then the vocal, then the kick of the overpowering distorted guitars, and then the wind down. Enchanting at first, but tedious over the hour.

This is very much an incidental addition to Wolverines discography, which should be overlooked, not least because of the bands own deadpanned inattention to change.

7/10 PowerPlay issue #131

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