Friday, 27 May 2011

It’s the sort of progressive metal that makes you leap in joy and thwack your head around in all delight, and the Scandinavians do it no better. Legacy of Emptiness are a Norwegian bunch, playing that brand of metal pioneered by Immortal and Emperor, which they gleefully mix up into byte-size proggy sections, along with jagged black extremities - indeed it’s all very familiar.

But certainly, deceptively difficult to pull off, and to an extent everything heard is accomplished with a fair amount of verve if lacking in originality. It sticks so rigidly by the tried and tested formula, it will eventually kick the bucket in apathy. Simply put, their masters can do what they’ve done much better. Perhaps they’re seeking an apprentice’s recognition, and at the very least, they’ll be given that.

6/10 PowerPlay issue #132

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