Friday, 27 May 2011

You’d be mistaken for thinking that Sancta Sanctorum are some sort of psychedelic afterthought through the albums cover art. Themed more like an Ozric Tentacle tribute than something veining in hard rock, the deception is washed away briskly as soon as playback is initiated. The spiritual backdrop behind the name also lends wobbly preconceptions, with Sanctum Sanctorum meaning something along the lines of ‘holy of the holies’. For a 70s themed hard rock band, it’s at best odd, when you hear what’s meant to be related to all of the spiritual psycho babble.

Veining inside that 70s rock thing, there’s a great amount of density about the record. Grainy distorted guitars are constantly chugging away, a growling bass drones in its undercurrent, chorus is mapped onto the distant vocal, and the drums lethargically clatter and bang along. It’s very much the usual set-up, reflecting on what times where a few decades past. Highlights usually come from Steve Sylvester’s vocal, as he does his best to lug the thing on, occasionally belching, and groaning, adding the needed muscle essential to the production. There’s nothing necessarily great heard, but nothing here is on the poor side either – and nostalgic rockers will find accessibility within the graininess of its sound. We’re left stuck in between that horrible mark of apathy.

5/10 PowerPlay issue #132

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