Friday, 27 May 2011

Armoury of God is a Christian rock album of sorts. Lyrically the themes are religiously explicit, that’ll alienate a following otherwise interested in what usually comes with the genre. Oddly enough they’ve put all of their ramblings on top of a sludgy doom format that does its best to confuse. Musically, similarities can be drawn with the likes of Celtic Frost and Count Raven, with sections as sloppy as Black Sabbaths earliest work. It’s easy to be scared off by the Christian element, but sonically you wouldn’t know otherwise – just try and convince neutral customers to go along with the packaging. In relation to its limited accessibility, this is intended for doom specialists only, with the raw gloomy sludge easy to overlook for headbangers who would otherwise flock to something a little more paced. For fans appreciative of gloomy doom trails, and a view, that might not be best held as their own. Not many? Who’d have thought?

6/10 PowerPlay #132

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