Friday, 27 May 2011

Dead Letter Circus are certainly on the up from 2010. Their debut album This Is The Warning hit number 1 on the ARIA (Australian charts). In context, that might not mean as much as the band would like to draw toward, but recently supporting the likes of Muse and Linkin Park certainly confirms that the booms ripples are felt elsewhere. They’re an alt-cum-pop-rock bunch, which, forcefully do the kind of commercial pop rock thing, music lovers, love to hate.

This Is The Warning carries all of the melodrama a commercial emo rock production usually weighs in with, along with trying to play it all down, inside an alt rock bubble. Yes, it’s easy to dismiss the hysterics, and its nagging commercial viability, but it takes a kind of brazenness, a kind of schematic to knit together a 17 year old sensibility, with something much more adult. Think Muse, with a much harder shell, and a softer, creamier centre.

7/10 Powerplay issue #132

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