Friday, 27 May 2011

Ebola is an effort by both entities, As We Fight and The Psyke Project. They’ve put this together feeling a need to get in touch with the more oldschool elements of hardcore, they may have inadvertently distanced themselves with, through previous ventures. These guys are fairly familiar in the extreme post-rock genre, solidifying themselves in more often than not mind bending and complicated expressions, thus it’s nothing more than refreshing to hear their own reductionist approach. That’s not to suggest a laid back affair (Ebola certainly clenches up when The Psyke Project get going), but things are closer to the bone of what hardcore riffing used to be in its babysteps.

Ebola is an album divided into two parts. As We Fight play through the first four tracks, with The Psyke Project finishing the album on five tracks. It’s easy to consider this a jumbled compilation album, with two different bands placed on the disc, heard through two different recording approaches - but thankfully this isn’t the case. They’ve been able to blend both their sound and ideas evenly across the board, giving this release a particular assorted flavour that would otherwise be lost through a single artists vision.

7/10 PowerPlay issue #132

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