Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Looking back on an era that was by all means closer to the cusp of perfection than we’re at now, and then wanting to change that takes nothing but Dutch courage. Barn Burner don’t necessarily roll of the tongue as a stoner infused classic rock act, but that’s exactly what they’re trying; imitating that 70s era in rock, with a far greater emphasis on chugging, and edgy riffing, that either starts fights, or just adds to an endless homage of beer drinking for the night.

Yes, it’s accessible, much beyond what the band themselves would like you to think. There’s nothing challenging, or complex as the press release indicates, and furthermore Bangers II: Scum of The Earth doesn’t flaunt a new trend in genre. This is simply stoner rock with a little bit of 70’s sprinkled on top. It’s very much in the usual vein – which is fine. But for a band to blow so much hot air and then play something which is complete generic, beer swaggering stoner rock, makes their world fall flat. This is a tall order for rock lovers, and a must for the drugged infused zombie bangers amongst us.

6/10 PowerPlay issue #133

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