Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The term ‘cut & paste’ never so readily applied to this lot – as if it were a sub-genre they’d been attempting to create, while inadvertently mimicking all of their heroes, riff by riff. Everything has just been cut side by side with no tie, or trail to interlink with the previous section – it’s just stuff played back with a lot of quasi UFO sounding samples layered within the mix. There’s no attempt to bring you to a certain point in each track; you’re simply thrown in to a lot of half baked ideas, which create the deception of chaotic-cum-planned songwriting - on closer inspection it’s a load of crayons in the wrong hands.

Giants On Jupiter must know what they’re up against. They understand the risks, citing past masters Kyuss, Opeth and Tool as influence which they’ve honestly drawn from. However, envisioning these greats as some sort of new found formula, (lifting all of their favourite parts made by their heroes, and then bundling them alongside one another to make up a track), is completely daft.

It’s much like an overly zealous DJ turning up to a corporate event. He’s only got 30 minutes, and has 30 artists which legally have to be played back. Each minute, the tune entirely changes, skipping from genre to genre. From rock to jazz, euro-rave to classical. Embrace The Unknown veins in something similar. This is therapy for poor chaps suffering from antsy strains of hyperactivity.

3/10 PowerPlay issue #133

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