Monday, 30 January 2012

There’s certainly the Type O Negatives about Woods Of Ypres. This is their most commercial package put together, and it’s a farcry from the kind black metal or doom which characterised the bands baby steps.

Five albums in and we’re now hearing the lead singer fully realised in his Peter Steele imitation, laden in harmonies as high as two octaves up (which isn’t that high up considering how low Steele and Gold get), which creates a dramatic dynamic when the two piece progress into their thrash riffing. There isn’t enough rocking around though, to sustain their phenomenal performances, as most of this album is confined to loathing in sludge cum doom riffing. First track “Adora Vivos” hits the money in an example of the bands thrash-to-slow capability, but as the record pushes on, it’s suppressed inside a non-drama, which makes “Woods 5” overly sparse, and an unexpected disappointment.

7/10 Powerplay #139

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