Wednesday, 28 January 2009

“Dark Oriental Metal” – I’ll stamp this at progressive metal for all intensive purposes. To not begin to further become confused with how to define Bilocate is a much superior use of words than to bog down on categorically attempting to place them in more than four genres – yes there’s a lot here, but the mirages of influence and genre are two completely different things. As read, there is a rapture of ideas to behold within Sudden Death Syndrome. From the opportunist to the majestic, the sombre to the brutal, Bilocate capture everything commendable within the genre.

Beginning and concluding in ambient domain, Bilocate are easily one of the more remarkable groups at kissing the horizon. It truly is plentiful in its soothing yet dark characteristics that set a resonant chord, to echo throughout the release. The layers of eastern magic, level in these ambient showcases too, expanding on similar themes that bands such as Opeth and Porcupine Tree have touched on, and also introducing to newcomers of the genre that the east/west division (particular in the archives of metal) is not lost in translation. “Blooded Forest”, is clever as it is idealistic. It packs a strong experience reminiscent of strong influence. It’s also an excellent perception to the similar themes explored by Bilocate throughout other aspects of the release. Capturing the essence of progressive metal with consistent fluidity, “The Dead Sea”, “Ebtehal”, “Inoculate” and “Pure Wicked Sins” intertwine themselves gracefully. There’s a notable beauty to Bilocates artistry, as well as an accessible reverence in their work. With a discernible passion in each gift-wrapped souvenir, Bilocate have handled their packages with extreme care that never fails to deliver.

Not to mask Bilocate’s glorious feat, Sudden Death Syndrome is subject to a peerlessly healthy master with Jens Bogren along with other engineer’s involvement on the album. It has been polished, and further refined.

This is a fresh and significant contribution to the genre which must be recognised. Bilocate will certainly be pioneering the Jordan scene, but who knows what’s next to come, as in the west, Bilocate will be effortlessly distinguishable. Within the current economic climate, this will be the only easy choice you’ll make to depart with your hard earned cash.


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