Saturday, 17 January 2009

Funeral Mourning typifies its atmospheric, sombre, dark and plaintive verses with a catalyst commonly found within the doom genre. From the beginning, this solo effort from the former Kinstrife, Blood, and Pestilential Shadows member, known as “Desolate” will induce images that are temporal in dissonance and spanning still life. Within Drown In Solitude’s lifetime we wanted to lament, run and leave it all behind - there could be a no more fitting response.

Littered in droneful movements, unyielding drum takes, conforming guitars, and dithering vocal work, “Drown In Solitude” vivifies and stimulates collectively hand in hand. The introduction “Winds Of Unknown Existence” is the albums biggest statement of intent as it lays foundation for dejected overtones and atmosphere. It’s because of this, that throughout the entire record nothing is professionally juxtaposed or further changes. “Sounds Of A Dreary Sea” is the records highlight. It boasts an intelligible, majestic and glorious feat to its overall composition, but yet sustains its disconsolate overtone. Similar to most of the record, a confident achievement, packed full of reverence and downfall.

Although, this is no perfect vignette. The skinniness of the drums periodically consumes most of the record’s atmosphere and ambience, instead of bearing a partial of the records weight. Its riffing progressions at allotted points appear lost. The intervals are scattered at non-successive events within the tracks. There is also an overhanging suggestion of unnecessary restraint and reserved harness.

However on a record of such scale these minor anomalies do not hold much water, as Funeral Mourning have achieved everything set. This is a coherent delivery saturated in brilliance.


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