Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Thrash metal is now in its period of adolescence. The genre has failed to manoeuvre from its lacuna back within the late 70’s mark, and its because of this that Godslave appear to be living in the past, with their cumbersome overt riffing, combined with a lacklustre of plain bread and butter song structures, on “Out Of The Ashes”.

It’s difficult to discuss Godslave without mentioning a quality of detracting ambition. There’s nothing acute on song structure, nothing judicious on lyrical value, and something painful on the overall delivery. The EP opening with “Out Of The Ashes” is a rather diluted offering. It’s sparse, and riddled with inadequate ideas. It lacks a sufficient amount of qualities to maintain your requisite attention, as the track contains five riffs that are progressed over a timescale of five minutes, twelve seconds. This is tenuous poor stuff. The performances of each member present are not completely inspiring, fulfilling your every last shade of grey. “Slaves To The Black”, “Wings Of Wrath” and “Dead Reckoning” are not avid contributions either. These efforts will leave you hankering for something more specifically not from Godslave. “Where The Sun Sleeps” is the one notable offering with a much more accomplished opening. It packs atmosphere, it displays ambition, and ultimately reveals Godslave’s potential. Unfortunately with this group already sounding out of sorts and out of credible ideas, remnants of un-necessary repetition plague what could have been a superlative (when comparing the previous) on this EP.

While not pertaining dubious, you’ve heard everything on this disc before. It is a shame with so many groups such as this polluting the scene, that there is no strict authorization on quality control. Furthermore Godslave have been blessed with a beautiful mix, and a soaring production level that has been dashed by a lack of honest foresight when it came to the final exorcism. Godslaves basic skills and tools of the trade are here but little else. Its back to the drawing board for this five piece.

2/10 Metal-Mayhem.co.uk

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