Monday, 27 April 2009

Screaming Angel’s Inner War EP is an emotive punk project that fails to capture anything of the aforementioned. With huge questions hanging over the two piece musicianship from the initial get-go (which doesn’t get going), it’s difficult to critique Screaming Angel without using overly abrasive and negative remarks that would indefinitely lead to insult rather than constructive backlash. The use of the aptly but extremely shallow themed ‘emotive’, does not move you, nor in way shape or form connects. This is largely due to the way the vocal is expressed, and how it does anything but confirm an indecent immaturity. The song writing present is grey, obvious and poorly executed, (ideas are here and there, but when put together are done so in the most oblivious way). It’s the performances on Inner War that will sooner rather than later set alarm bells ringing for a supernatural stamina to carry on further listening.

Even when expressed poorly, the EP raises enough questions imposed on society to warrant a question of our own. Is it possible to exercise quality control on such groups? Shame.


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