Sunday, 19 April 2009

Is War From A Harlots Mouth just an honest reiteration of The Ocean Collective, Textures, Meshuggah and D.E.P? The answer being obviously yes, could leave bitter, sour or explosive tastes lurking around zesting taste buds. In Shoals, is a record that whilst not delivering in the same irrefutable manner as the aforementioned forerunners, certainly knows how to go about its business, even when it is trying far too hard.

Indulgent on similar formulas by the previously stated, In Shoals is an effort relishing in excellent execution and cumbersome song-writing. Mixed with technical, thrash and jazz esque ingredients, In Shoals positive or negative is an experience that will never let you free of its grasp. Its intensive nature never lets go, and at the final whistle you’ll sooner exhale a well earned relief, to only find the need to delve right back in. However, the cracks in the wall are clearly evident another time around. Clumsy song-writing will assure frustration, whilst the 50% complete numbers assure feelings of boredom. Furthermore, mostly evident mid way through tracks “Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept And Obstruct Errorism”, “Justice From The Lips Of The Highest Bidder”, and “Scully” are noticeable patterns of failed reoccurring experiments. With such climatic intros and outros, but poor thickeners in between, you’ll be left wondering what all the fuss was about.

In Shoals is ultimately an experience that suffers from the ‘trying-far-too-hard’ syndrome, coupled with song-writing that is neither here or there, but blessed with a visceral performance from each member. A brief overlook on the record may fool you into believing that a technical artistry has been achieved and upon closer inspection you’ll find its shortcomings well and truly thawed. A well thought and crafted experience that succeeds and fails 50% of the time.


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