Sunday, 19 April 2009

Zippo’s Road To Knowledge may not be that omniscient in terms of completing something unique. However, it certainly possesses the ability to teach fellow students and elders on the progressive hovercraft, that an alt rock approach, (and I use alt rock in the loosest way possible) can be pulled off; even if some of the tracks are songs for the deaf.

The Road To Knowledge is best described as a record set out to accomplish so much, that it fails to hit any milestones. However, with exploring such vast territory (minor psychedelic rock, grunge, stoner metal, heavy metal, alt rock), this is as niche a release as any. Even when plagued with the usual suspects of obvious song writing, and a shade duller than dull riff progressions, the album is able to combine enough elements into the brew to make a package that is full of depth. Furthermore, there are superlative ideas that have been thrown into these entries, but when combined are hopelessly confused.

Zippo’s Road To Knowledge is an overly sour mixed bag, that’s not quite worthy of your shelve space.


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