Thursday, 21 October 2010

Formed in 2006, The Intersphere are a German quartet, playing a brand of progressive-punk that’s becoming something of a recurrence for the country, producing the likes of Tokio Hotel which occupy much the same territory. There’s a breezy sense of freedom on “Interspheres, Atmospheres”, an absence of put downs, metaphors, and thinking; it all flows in its eccentric atmosphere, and the German quartet really do steal the limelight from their rivals because of this.

Even though The Intersphere are outside of their native tongue, their sound hasn’t been lost in translation, as when they plunge into dreamy instrumentals, the music speaks for itself. There is an edge to these German headbangers too. “Prodigy Composers”, hits on an energetic, punk-rock plateau, along with track “Snapshot” providing much the same muscle. However, The Intersphere are golden when in their proggy chaos. Tracks like “Right Through Me”, and “I Have A Place For You On Google Earth”, are weightless in full flow, imitating an energetic high of rocky progressions, and lows full of downstream spacey atmosphere, that never reach too deep into darkness, but certainly mellow out.

The Intersphere are close to 30 Seconds to Mars in their pop pedigree, side with Muse in their rock pedigree, and space out like King Crimson among their proggy archives. This is definitely nothing great, but may as well be an essential for any prog rocker, and equally just as important for anyone in the mainstream.

7/10 Powerplay issue #126

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