Thursday, 21 October 2010

Jayce Lewis journey to fame was shown on a BBC fly on the wall documentary, “Big in India”, highlighting live performances across India and a repetition of those live gigs only three months later, due to massive attendance. This, along with the release of his single “Icon” has landed him a five year deal with EMI Asia, true to the cliché of bedroom distro to rockstar (well, in Asia, kind of).

The Welshman may be big in India but he’s certainly not of that country, and his record reflects this with a hyper, modern vibe to his sound, so much so that it veins in cyber-rock (otherwise labelled ‘tacky’ in the UK). He combines metal, and electronica throughout the entire album, with enough ingredients either way to side with each genre, and tips the iceberg on an industrial alp. His tracks have much akin to Fear Factory, (minus the angry vocal) and are just far cheesier, with much greater commercial appeal. “Solitaire” is a muscular affair, with guitar chugging, throbbing dance pulses, and a tribal drumming style. With that said, the entire album can live in that description – and it’s redundantly repetitive. “Astral Halo” is an excellently written number, featuring synthetic vocal harmonies throughout, and waters down on the electronic element, which is welcome change.

Jayce Lewis self-titled debut is overcooked for the UK, but will certainly raise eyebrows in its niche. Don’t worry about Asia; it’s going to be kicking back to every second of this.

6/10 PowerPlay issue #126

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