Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rockburn are a four piece from Scotland, hailing to have ‘the balls’ to play all out rock’n’roll in a society wrapped by the complexity of production. Hats off to them, they certainly entertain in ways only great rock’n’roll can, with none of the same-old blandness this critic was expecting when reading their opening PR line, “classic rock’n’roll with a 21st century twist”. The results of the EP are ballsy, and to a greater degree stellar, when you think of modern rock enthused with ‘the next big production’, hiding behind the pillars that gizmos and producers often place.

As pools of talent go, this one’s deep, as Rockburn flaunt compelling rock’n’roll reminiscent of the 70s period, written in their own likeness. There’s nothing slack jaw whilst the numbers flick by, but this is extremely well executed rock, and a great reflection of the times. “The Last Stop” is a mash up of country and blues, which makes their sound more widescreen than what was initially expected. The vocal sides by the great Robert Plant comfortably, with Rockburn vocalist Stephen Baxter groaning like one of the best in the business.

Rockburn may lack that edge to elevate them into the stars, but enjoy this while it lasts; this is as honest and super-smooth jiving as you’d get, in 2010.

7/10 PowerPlay issue #126

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