Saturday, 30 July 2011

In the spontaneity of it all, speed metal shouldn’t be dissected into hashed out sections of dextrous power chord progressions – it’s just meant to be energetic, angry fun. So, while Dekapitator flimsily whizz on, riff by riff, the entire thing is glued together with the bands tight individual performances and a belching vocal akin to Paul Baloff of Exodus – as gathered, this is an invitation down memory lane, with no attempt to change the speed formula, but play on it. With that said, this will tear apart most headbangers because of its shear speed and brutality. It’s a snappy collection of songs too, each clocking out on average two and a half minutes. Brace yourself.

We Will Destroy… You Will Obey!!! is the reissue originally put together in 1999, and 12 years on, the scooped nineties production has more charm in its age, than something shrivelling in longevity. Indeed, this is only limited to fans in the niche, and they’ll be gloriously satisfied.

7/10 Powerplay issue #134

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