Friday, 29 July 2011

It’s the kind of southern hard rock that has more akin with contemporary pop than it does with the likes of BLS, and the hardest pill to swallow is that Last Known Addiction want to be edgy, scruffy, beer swaggering Texans (excuse the stereotype). The main problem lies with vocalist Stephen Cairns, who sounds far too clean to be in front of the edge which the guitars do their best to provide. It’s not a necessity of vocal range – after all the man can sing – but his pretentious performance is like your funny uncle grabbing the microphone at a family wedding, who starts to yell over a Bryan Adams sing along for a laugh. Sure, these guys can write southern hard rock, but performing it is another matter.

With that said, there’s no attempt to try anything different in the genre, as Last Known Addiction are happy enough to flex their muscles inside of the bubble. It’s a valid contribution, but one that doesn’t cut its teeth in personality, and is far too safe in imitation.

6/10 Powerplay issue #134

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