Saturday, 30 July 2011

American, rock, blues, it’s easy to gloss over that Norbert Krief is in fact a French musician, set out to make a simple bright rock album, engrossed in personality. Krief is marketed as an old school hard rock distro, but Nono is a much more complex record. This is a light and airy rock album laden in quirky vocal and manic production, along with Krief sounding like an unhinged Christer Ortefors; which suggests that Nono really is that manic quirky record it isn’t meant to be. It’s not like he’s set out to be a Zappa l’artiste, he just is.

It’s a rarity that you’re able to jive, headbang, and ponder all within the same track, but Nono gives you no choice. Eccentric, daft, complex, fun; hello Norbert Krief.

8/10 Powerplay issue #134

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