Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Rifftrospective is a compilation release from Bristol headbangers Left Side Brain celebrating ten years since their inception. They’ve released three albums prior to this one, and have chosen what they feel to be their best material, which make up the thirteen tracks. But whilst the sound of this quartet is barely blazing in originality, few imitate The Wildhearts and Therapy? so emphatically.

Initially, Left Side Brain emulate the discontent, noisy output of Therapy? on opener 'Exit Route'. However, as the numbers flick by, it’s only then that you realise how big the bands scope is for an alternative metal vision. 'Weaponise' thrills in ghostly vocoded vocals filling the background; 'Almost Had Me' has a fluid blend of crunching guitar riffs with pop-vocal harmonies slapped on top and 'Gifted' goes wild at heart with The Wildhearts. Further more, Left Side Brain claim that all they want to do is play big riffs to blow your socks off – but there’s something much more evergreen to this showcase of work; hints of experimentation and masterstrokes of song depth, which only few achieve.

Don’t be put off by the album title, or the whole celebrating ten years under a rock thing; Left Side Brain have pulled off superbly balanced and written alternative metal, as well as being able to flaunt their instrumental nous, that bubbles underneath.

7/10 PowerPlay issue #125

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