Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The post-punk, post-hardcore group, Sometimenever, are off-the-leach on 'Father Hope' with their take on writing something far and away different, to prove to us and themselves that it could be done. This comes in the form of aggressive punk, chaotic progressions, and happily, at no expense of a brain. More importantly, what this lofty lot from Cambridge want to portray on 'Father Hope' is that all of the chaos played has a depth and meaning, that so many overlook for the sake of sounding hardcore. This is an attempt to create a less madcap punk, which still has the genres recklessness – and that’s no easy feat.

Refreshingly, the nine numbers which make up their second release don’t have vocalist Adam Powell screaming over each track for the sake of sounding crazy. Instead, melodies and spoken word are often used, which help give 'Sometimenever' an individual flavour. Things often fleet between the progressive, and manic as evidenced in tracks 'Terror (Terror, Terror, Terror)' and 'Narcissus', and in contrast their more punk-ish numbers, 'Two Words, Six Letters Get _____' and 'Wake Up' help mix the albums pacing, outside of its hardcore traits.

Unfortunately there’s nothing here to suggest a great album, or even a memorable one. But this is certainly an artistic achievement, shaken down to its bare bones.

7/10 PowerPlay issue #125

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