Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Slaves to Gravity are a bunch of brit-rock hopefuls, unannounced to the masses, but certainly are on the up. Since releasing their debut in 2008, Scatter the Crow, the band has spent the last two years touring the US and the UK, turning heads at the Download festival, and playing with the likes of The Butterfly Effect, Pitchshifter, and Bullet for My Valentine.

Honesty is the single from the up and coming 'UNDERWATEROUTERSPACE', and it strongly hints at a vast change of direction from the debut. Much was made of the 2008 release, pushing the boundaries of pop rock to post-grunge and alternative rock, but two years on, and Honesty is the exact opposite, opting instead for a slick, polished and poppy taster for what’s to come.

There is one and only track on this disc and it demonstrates a brilliantly put together pop-rock-out tune, with ‘chuggy’ guitar riffs, an uplifting chorus, and a powerful vocal knitting it all together. But Honesty’s lack of experimentation and willingness to do something more cutting edge makes Slaves to Gravity very difficult to distinguish amongst the other pop rock outfits, and further more, easy to ignore. There’s also a lack of flavour to the production, as this time around there is no self-produced aesthetic; instead the band have chosen a commercially carbon mix, alongside producer Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Slayer, Alice Copper), which by the sounds of things, has had very little influence.

While Slaves to Gravity have created a terrific piece of pop rock, it’s one all too forgettable.

6/10 PowerPlay issue #125

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