Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lord of the Lost are another band which sound like ‘x’ band that’s popular. 'Type O Negative' is that ‘x’ band, as Lord of the Lost play with the same brand of metallic doom and gloom which characterised 'The Drab Four', and feature one of the best Peter Steele imitations heard in recent times. There is a fundamental problem with going down this road of straight imitation; you’re always playing catch up to what’s current in the first place.

Let’s not beat about the bush, 'Fears' is an excellent gothic rock album, with enough dirges, darkness and melodic hooks to satisfy any vamp infused rocker. But while the Steele impression is a brilliant one, there’s a lack of any character to 'Lord of the Lost' on their debut, enveloped in their hero’s vision and missing in their own. Tracks like 'Last Words' and 'Prologue' are great aggressors but lack an individual flavour. 'Never Forgive' is a Marilyn Manson inspired number, that has the strongest impact throughout the album, making their sound more widescreen than what was initially expected.

Ultimately, 'Fears' is wrapped in its title; scared to show its hand in a sea of other hopefuls, by way of being swept aside - and ironically, that’s precisely what will happen.

6/10 PowerPlay issue #125

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