Friday, 21 October 2011

A Sloth is the slowest moving animal on earth - it travels at a speed of thirteen feet per hour. Which means that if Atriarch were an animal, they’d more or less move at the same speed as a Sloth – maybe point-five of a foot quicker, being general. Indeed, Forever the End is slow, very slow.

This project is a doom and black metal affair, with wails of noise and discontent throughout, dragging the listener through an uncomfortable audio portrayal of hell. If provoking emotions of discomfort is Atriarch’s main focus in the business, then with confidence, there’s not much to fault – but if musically, you look at their lazy song structures, and their noisy incomprehensible riff patterns, then there’s a whole lot wrong with the entire release.

5/10 Powerplay #136

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