Friday, 21 October 2011

Alternative rock is probably one of the most vague, misconstrued attempts at putting together a genre. Greenthief tag themselves ‘alt’, so how on earth does that relate to their sound? Rock but a little bit different? Isn’t that what every new rock distro breaks their back over claiming?

Greenthief are alternative by way of being adventurous. Through fancy, sophisticated progressions and a layered production, the Aussie four-piece meander across their coloured plain of rock more artistically than the moody taboo which alt-rock often carries. Track “Vultures” is put together like a progressive tune, yet it only runs beyond the four minute mark. It contains jump up and rock choruses, with calm and space in between, coloured by Steve James' (Sex Pistols, The Jam) production, aligning fizz and whirls enchanting the mix.

7/10 Powerplay issue #136

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