Monday, 24 October 2011

For all of their artistic claims, David R Black tend to stick by a classic formula, building a tune on basic premises (for example, an opening guitar riff chugging on one side of the stereo field, before the other instruments gradually fill the gaps), and letting rip into the chorus. It’s old, tried and tested, but they make it feel effective, especially when the choruses whack, zing, and crunch. It’s not meant to stand the test of time, but it resonates enough for a suitable headbang.

It’s not all basic rock; Secret City does have a trick up its sleeve, bar a power chorus or two. The vocal performances of both David R and Sarit Black are wispy and ethereal, giving the record an air, and a sophistication which contrasts radiantly with the chugging guitars. It’s a highpoint, not just on a production level, but on a technical one too, that will help push the trio’s identity outside of the many accomplished acts which have been swimming around forever.

7/10 Powerplay issue #137

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