Friday, 21 October 2011

Emerging from the grunge laden Seattle, SYFT do the kind of hard-rock which packs a punch live, but struggles to find its way in the form of a full length album. The commercially ready New Beginning certainly won’t fail to find an audience, because they’re definitely not breaking any ground – sounding akin to Slipknot, Creed and Pod may be no bad thing, but straight imitation is another, and SYFT’s latest, pushes to the bone on being another copycat. The album feels dirty and hard edged, but the repetitive (notably in-same-key vocal) labours through the entire release, thwarting each tune into becoming something predictable. New Beginning would make for a strong EP, but as a full length, it’s as predictable as a wasp on speed.

6/10 Powerplay issue #136

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