Friday, 30 March 2012

It’s actually not as easy as you’d think to dismiss a band that purposefully sound so ugly, and so disorientated - that despite every inch of your body telling you to stop it, you refuse to press that square shaped stop button. Hardcore bands never get away from their fascination with challenging an audience, and to their credit Biipiigwan really do give it a go, droning on and on with angry riffing, engaged in making as upsetting an atmosphere as possible, perhaps outside of an actual riot. It probably is trash, but if it’s intentions are to simply rattle a few rubbish bins until they fall apart, “God’s Hooks” does the job.

Fitting it all into a genre is a stormy teacup, but apart from its laboured thrash sections, it’s easier to stamp it all in hardcore. These Canadians go a lot like As We Fight, or The Pyske Project, romping along fearlessly on their guitars and consistently belching vocals, inaudible to the ear. It’s all been put together as a kind of sonic assault, to get wrapped up in, than something for your mind to wrestle with consciously.

But that’s just the problem: If you’re not within the moment, it all sounds like a jumbled repetitive mess. It’s ordinarily hardcore, and sparks up the whole heart versus brain debate, which Biipiigwan really ought to find more balance within, than siding completely for the big old heart. If you’re listening, take a step back and refresh your sonic perspective – you’ll likely loose interest. It’s a shame these blokes haven’t done the same.

5/10 Powerplay issue #142

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