Friday, 30 March 2012

Swedish and Intelligence are constantly intertwining when it comes to artsy rock, perhaps at the expense of muscle, and that’s not any different when it comes to “Joint Clash”. That’s not to say this isn’t different or experimental, but something of an emerging trend; when it comes to a native translation of Swede prog rock, it tends to be broken down to us Brits, as an off-beat stranger in rock music. Maybe it hints at our national acceptance for label-based rock? Let’s hope not.

Switch Open’s languid play style, and dirty sound, might go a long way in referencing a 'joint' for the laid back, stoner feeling it contains, but rest assured, their sound is much more steady in the brain, than that of illegal chemicals. Switch Open don’t lumber around the place, but elegantly stroll throughout their progressive plains, occasionally stretching their legs when a chorus needs it and tinker thoroughly in instrumentation when it comes to filling space, or building on a tune for production sake. Like Jack Endino’s work with Slave Traitor or the well-beaten path of Tool, most prog-rockers won’t be put off by “Joint Clash’s” relatively slower pace, in light of its dazzling effects.

7/10 Powerplay issue #142

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