Sunday, 11 March 2012

Despite the casual image, Lay Siege are focused on grinding through a brand of metal that’s dissonant and visceral in feeling. “Obolus” is an EP that not only displays talent through well written formula, but the record feels as if it’s exploring the unseen depths of your belly, in fits of horrific angst. Convincing is not just a buzzword attached to this fledgling quartet, it’s the darn truth.

Opening track “Explorer” is energetic in progression, but it’s laced in those dramatic, discordant chords, with the slightest of nods to both Virus and Bloodbath. They stick to their guns throughout, not chopping the material for want of a different theme, or unconfident in the darkness they’re exploring. This is an imaginary, well-crafted diabolical experience, from a young and untested bunch – judging by the rate of superlatives spluttered, their loathing really pleases us.

8/10 Powerplay #140

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