Sunday, 11 March 2012

Blood Ceremony are a kind of doom-stoner prestige, riffing around veins that Sabbath pioneered, occasionally dressing up their progressions with a finger-popping organ, and the odd flute line – this is very much an old school 70s affair. They’d go along with tagging their music 'psychedelic' or 'trip' to add substance to what is a niche genre, very much in hibernation. But it's not true, as Blood Ceremony capture more of an old-time groove in their flow than anything experimental.

The undercooked production and underplayed performance by the Canadian rockers is to be expected in what they’re trying to achieve; even the guitars when riffing throughout their “War Pigs”-esque, “I’m Coming With You” are sloppy in their take, which goes at quite a length to give the band a quality of authenticity through the cans (as well as lead vocalist, Alia O’Brien, sounding somewhat tanked off her feet).

6/10 Powerplay #140

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